My It-Sounds-Gimicky-But-It's-Not-Really Southwest Free Flying Trick

Last year, David and I flew to Mexico, Costa Rica, California and Texas - all for just $5.60 a flight. We just booked round-trip flights to New York City for our family of five, and we're planning to fly to Hawaii next year, all for - yep - $5.60 each way.

How did we weasel our way into this?! David and I have earned Southwest Companion Status twice now due to how we work their credit cards. By doing this, we not only earn 110,000 Rapid Reward points (enough for many many round trip flights), we also receive Companion Status which allows someone to fly for free with you each time you fly for the year you earn it AND the following year.

Here is what I have learned:

1. The easiest way to do this is to open a personal CC and a business CC.

2. We strategically put big purchases (home repair, childcare, etc) on the cards in the first 2 months to ensure we spend the advertised amount to receive the 50 or 60,000 point bonuses. We pay these statements in full to avoid any interest charges.

3. You need an EIN to apply for the business card.

4. You can refer others to sign up and receive 10,000 points when they do. (ON THAT NOTE, please use my link if you're going to sign up!!)

5. We time this near the beginning of the year to receive maximum benefit.

6. Apparently I signed up when the offer was only for 40,000 points instead of 50,000, but I called and they honored the 50,000 point offer since it was currently being advertised.

7. You have to pay the $99 annual fee per credit card and you pay $5.60 in fees for each flight you book, but it immediately pays off.

8. This article explains all the ins and outs:

Wanna do it?! Use this link to sign up! (<-- Kind of gimick-y because I'll get extra points, but you understand, right?!) Here's the link to the business card page.